4-door wooden filing cabinet

KSh 46,000.00

-Classical Design: Rectangle-shape standing cabinet with doors

-Storage & Display: UP 3 layers and down 2 shelves are available for large space to storage.

Product Dimensions: Length (160 cm), Width (40 cm), Height (190 cm)

Warranty: 1 years warranty against normal use.

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Diversified storage products, according to the actual needs of different customers, offer different styles and options for 4-door wooden filing cabinet.

This 4-door wooden filing cabinet is the spiritual communication between furniture designers and customers, and also the sincere cooperation between furniture manufacturers and customers.

With vertical elements and concise lines, this storage helps you keep your work area tidy, which leads to a fresh mind. Get organized in style with your paperwork!

This 4-door wooden filing cabinet provides generous storage space to accommodate your books, files, clothing, or personal items. With multiple drawers and shelves, it offers ample room to organize and store your materials effectively.

Users can customize their workspace based on their current needs and reconfigure it when their needs change.

Scientific division of storage space: This modern office bookcase is carefully designed with a scientific approach to maximize functionality and efficiency. Each element of the cabinet’s layout is thoughtfully considered to enhance usability and storage capabilities.

The arrangement of drawers, shelves, and compartments is strategically designed to facilitate the organization and retrieval of files. This scientific design not only promotes efficient storage but also contributes to a streamlined workflow in your office.

The cabinet is designed according to the space structure and demand conditions of the office. Its variable structure brings the enjoyment of living standards to the high-end office space.

The use of wood adds a touch of warmth and elegance to your workspace, creating a professional and inviting atmosphere. The smooth finish and fine craftsmanship further enhance the cabinet’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Sustainability: Our sustainability principle ensures that we design our products with the life cycle in mind. UP 3 layers and down 2 shelves are available for large space to storage. Glass open-door is dust-proof and convenient to find your documents, books, files.


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