4-drawer cabinet

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Alternate option

-We also have alternative cabinet; one that has a single key for all the four drawers. This is usually beneficial for an individual office use whereby one can close all the drawers at once . It is of the same color ad the one in the description alongside. Click https://wa.me/c/254717777813 for more information on inquiries and our esteemed team will be available to help you with any clarification on inquiries.

4 drawer steel cabinet

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In an organization or office where we have many individuals safety of documents is essential or even the bulky files for each and every organization need to be arranged and sorted out carefully to avoid an unseen confusion and inconvenience.

Product Description

The four drawer cabinet as its name suggests consists of 4 drawers, each drawers is locked individually. It is white in color and made from quality steel that is resistant to rust.

4 Drawer steel cabinet
4 drawer steel cabinet

-Each drawer has an handle for easier opening and closing of the cabinet. Locking each drawer separately is more convenient depending on the kind of office or mode of operation within an organization.

-With a depth of 0.23 meters (25 centimeters) it offers enough storage space for either files or documents. The edges are well designed to minimize damage on the user.

-Each lock comes with a pair of keys (1 spare key) incase of misplacement of one the other spare key can be used to lock or unlock the specific drawer.




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