1.2m foldable study table

KSh 19,500.00

-Multi-function: This folding table, conference, training, can be used for outdoor activities.

-Offers more stability: tubular steel frame offers greater stability. Reinforced by a row of interlocking reinforcements behind the table top.

-Versatile:  this portable folding table can be used as a bed tray, laptop table, play table and dining table outdoors.

High Quality : Folding Study Table Is Made Of High-density Board And Steel. The Desk Surface Is Rust-removing. 

– Folding design: home computer desk, easy to carry and storage, stackable, is particularly suitable for, such as a company / small space

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The desk leg frame has a unique patented design that is easy to operate and can be used immediately after opening. 1.2m Foldable study table features a simple and generous design, it is very practical and great furniture for decorating your family research or workplace.

Thickened MDF table top, strong storage capacity, clear texture, smooth and beautiful surface, waterproof, scratch-resistant, rust-proof, easy to clean. The computer desk supports folds, easy to store and manage.

You can freely connect multiple tables in different situations to create unexpected effects. Suitable for home offices, meetings, interviews, training etc.

Space-Saving Solution: The 1.2m foldable study table design allows you to save space when the table is not in use. You can fold it down or put it away, making it an excellent choice for small rooms or spaces with multiple uses.

It provides a dedicated surface for studying, working, or any other tasks that require a table. When you need a place to spread out books, use a laptop, or work on projects, you can easily set up the table.

Foldable wooden study tables are often lightweight and portable. You can move them to different rooms or areas in your home as needed. This portability can be especially useful for students or remote workers who need flexibility in their workspace.

These tables come in various designs and sizes to suit different purposes. Some include storage features like shelves or drawers, making them more versatile for storing study materials, stationery, or office supplies.

When choosing a foldable wooden table, consider the quality of the wood, the table’s dimensions, and how it folds. Ensure that it is sturdy and well-constructed for durability. Additionally, some foldable wooden tables may come with locking mechanisms to secure them in the open position. They can be a great addition to your home, offering both functionality and aesthetics.


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