Reclining high back office chair

KSh 28,500.00

-Sedentary Comfort: The Ergonomic Office Chair, use S-shaped engineering backrest, with ergonomic lumbar support, effectively relieve waist fatigue.

-Multi-function Adjustable: Computer Chair, suitable for any group of people. Toggle the handle, the reclining angle of the backrest can be adjusted in 90-135°, with locking function. The height can be raised and lowered, suitable for computer desks of different heights.

-Strong Support: Home Office Desk Chair, the chair base is an integrated aluminum alloy structure, strong and stable, with 5 pu pulleys, which can rotate 360°, move easily without hurting the floor

-Material: Office chair, the frame is a plastic and aluminum alloy frame, Curved design, stable support, safe and durable. The backrest, cushion and headrest are made of thicker tear-resistant mesh, with fine mesh arrangement, strong wear resistance and toughness, long service life.

-Buy In Confidence: The Computer Chair is easy to assemble, the package comes with chair parts, screws, small wrench and installation manual, installation is simple. The packaging of the computer chair is wrapped in multi-layer cartons to prevent damage.

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The backrest and lumbar support of the Reclining high back office chair adopt a split design that can be adjusted in 4 gears, you can adjust it to the gear that suits you arbitrarily, and enjoy unparalleled riding comfort.

The back of the computer Reclining high back office chair supports 90°-135° recline adjustment and fixation, you can freely find a suitable angle between 90°-135° and fix it to enjoy a good rest time. Enjoy your leisure time not only at the office, but also in private moments like watching movies or reading

Office desk chair provide multi-directional support points (head/back/waist/arm) S-shaped backrest fits the curve of the spine to provide users with the most comfortable sitting posture and prevent back pain, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder and other diseases caused by long-term sitting .

Whether working, studying or gaming, this ergonomic office chair will provide you with ultimate comfort. This large office chair is meant to be a versatile seat for people of all weights, Helps heavier people avoid leg soreness and numbness that can come with prolonged sitting in regular, short-depth chairs. It could be called an office chair for heavy people.

The arms of the black Reclining high back office chair can be adjusted up and down, front and back, left and right, suitable for people of all shapes, no matter whether the shoulders are wide or narrow, the comfortable office chair is suitable for most people.

And the armrest adjustment function can provide you with comfortable arm support in various scenes such as using the computer, reading, playing mobile games/watching videos, etc, and use skin-friendly PU soft material design.

Best office chairs for long hours use is made of high-elastic special soft mesh, precision weaving technology, high breathable mesh and high durable strength, making the task chair suitable for sitting for 10 hours or more.


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