1.4m straight desk with drawers

KSh 19,500.00

Contemporary look:  The wood office desk boasts a modern and bold look, suitable for all contemporary setup.

Wire manager: The table is provided with a cable snake for an efficient wire management to allow you to work in a clutter-free space.

-Enhanced privacy: The desk organiser comes with a lockable storage compartment to secure your private and confidential belongings.

Sufficient leg space: The table has enough height and space to provide relaxed positioning of legs while you sit and work on it.

-Excellent Storage Solutions: Organize your work and documents efficiently with in-built sturdy drawers.

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Furniture in a study room or office is what catches the first sight of the person getting into that room. And having this 1.4m straight desk with drawers just makes your space look amazing and classic. This wooden office desk has a beautiful design and an attractive look.

It also gives the security and organization you need since it has a drawer and one is lockable. Let’s take a look at this 1.4m straight desk with drawers. Ever been in an office and said to yourself this place looks so amazing, or it looks like a manager’s office?

Am very certain that the first thing that made you say that is the furniture in that office most probably the desk or table.

Modernize your home or office working space and make it stand out completely with this 1.4m straight desk with drawers. this office desk can be used both in school and at home.This  straight desk with drawers has drawers making it look even more appealing. It has a wider working space.

The 1.4m straight desk with drawers also has these awesome drawers that enable you to keep your books or documents safe and an organized office desk with drawers provides a stylish solution for hiding necessary clutter. Perfect for entrance halls, vanities, work surfaces, walk-in cupboards, and your office.

Created with high quality, strong wood, these desks provide the perfect support for long hours of writing or desk work. They are ideal for people working from home, as they can be used as an office desk for your computers, or as the perfect writing table for your study. The range of desks provide ample storage solutions with sturdy drawers, helping you organize your work and documents efficiently.

Excellent Storage Solutions

Organize your work and documents efficiently with in-built sturdy drawers.



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