1.4m modern curved desk

KSh 14,500.00

-Durability: There is strength and durability to a well-made piece of wood furniture, especially when made from domestic hardwoods

-Versatility: Wood furniture looks good in any design- industrial, farmhouse, traditional, modern, contemporary, etc.  Whatever your style, it can be built in wood.

-Style: There is no household area that doesn’t suit the warmth and richness of wooden furniture.

-Product dimensions: Measures 1.4m(L) X 1.2m(W) X 0.75m(H)

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The 1.4m modern curved desk is made of MDF board and has additional features such as built-in storage, and or a keyboard tray. It can be placed in a corner of a room to make the most of available space, or against a wall to provide a larger workspace as opposed to the normal office desk

A 1.4m modern curved desk has a long rectangular top and a shorter side that extends out from the corner hence some people refer to it as a corner desk. It is typically used in an office setting to provide a spacious and functional workspace for one person.

One of the benefits of a1.4m modern curved desk is that it provides plenty of surface area for a computer, paperwork, and other office essentials. It also allows the user to have their own dedicated workspace, which can be helpful for concentration and productivity.

Overall, an L-shaped office desk can be a practical and functional choice for anyone looking to create a comfortable and efficient workspace in their home or office. Can be customized to have one, two, or three drawers depending on your preference

Nothing commands a room’s attention more than a robust, well-crafted wooden office desk. To complete a private office’s full furniture ensemble, other wood office furniture pieces can be added, including coffee tables, bookshelves, cabinets, and wood-framed chairs.

This wooden office desk is made of wood and has a very nice top Finnish. Solid wood furniture looks refined, classy, and warm, which helps portray an air of professionalism in office settings. the office desk comes with a wide cable port, drawers for your books or laptop, and one drawer that you can lock.

The desk is also strong to be able to be transported long distances. This is the perfect combination with great size and space for the house.


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