Office waiting seat

KSh 8,500.00

Product description

Everyday comes a new style, all a different taste of office waiting seats, and this office waiting seat is all a new product that is fit for any office waiting space. Our office waiting space consists of four metallic legs for strong support of any sitting weight. Its black in color, with a bot a spongy cushion base and leaning back base giving one a comfy rest throughout the waiting time. Its medium weight making it easier to move around.


Wipe with a wet clean piece of cloth or cotton to keep the surfaces clean for use at anytime.

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Characteristics and features

-Supported by four strong metallic legs, making it strong and efficient for any seating weight.

-Deep black color, for a classy and appealing look at any office waiting space.

-The sitting base and the upper leaning base is made up of a spongy cushion for a comfy rest.

-Medium weighted for easy movement around the waiting space/area.


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