Local Catalina seat

KSh 3,500.00

Product Description

Quality seat made of four metallic legs; making it strong and durable. The lower end seating base is made of spongy cushion making it comfortable, same applies to the high head/neck support. The whole make if of pure hard-quality metal (that is resistant to rust) and supports up to a maximum human weight. These local Catalina seats are multipurpose; can be used for a variety of tasks ranging from;

(i) Conference seats.

(ii) Dinner seats.

(iii) University student seats.

(iv) Church seats etc.

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Characteristics and features

-Made of spongy cushion seating base and headrest support.

-Made of quality metallic legs.

-Available in a variety of colors & designs.

-They are multipurpose seats, used for a variety of tasks.

-Available in bulk.

Catalina seats
Office & Home seats

*We also design these seats upon order placement with specifications on the end design of the seat. Either fitted with armrest, type of fabric used or ever the preferred color. Furniture Choice Kenya offers free instant delivery within Nairobi and timely parceling countrywide allowing for unlimited payment methods; ranging from cash on delivery, card payments, M-Pesa pay bill & till number etc.

*Great deals NOW of these new Catalina office seats. We offer the at an affordable price both online and instore. 

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