Executive office visitor seat

KSh 15,500.00

-Applicable places: office, living room, reception room, VIP room, school, classroom, conference room, reception room, clubhouse,  shop, etc.;

-Ergonomic design: close fit, lumbar support to the waist, relieve spinal fatigue.

-Movable buttocks:soft and comfortable cushions, shocking fat, floating high-elastic, sedentary and not easy to collapse.

-Armrest design: better matching posture, circular curve design, help the elbows relax.

-Engineering design:environmental protection and safety materials, easy installation and quality assurance.

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Abstract and unique design, full of imagination, this special style is novel, exquisite, delicate, simple and generous.  This section only sells swivel chair . The practicality of other items only displayed is not included. This garden chair has a massage design on the armrest. Lying on a leisure chair is very suitable for those who work in the office, massage hands, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue. You can switch. Whether you want to sunbathe outdoors or take a nap indoors, the lounge chair and bed are at your disposal, so you can relax and rest. Internal and external repairs, flexible conversions ensure you can sit and lie down, adjust and change yourself.


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