Ergonomic reclining office chair

KSh 23,000.00

-SpinePro Cushioned Lumbar Support: designed to support the natural curve of your spine and alleviate back pain by providing full support to your lumbar region.

-Super  Dual Tilt Mechanism: Ergonomic high back office chair features a super lounge recline at 135 seat tilt for your ultimate comfort. Find your perfect position in any situation with adjustable height and angles.

-Ergonomic Design: With reliable ergonomic support, the seat height, headrest, backrest and arms can be easily adjusted to meet different needs, and it is suitable for sitting for a long time.

-This chair will fully support your spine and give you a perfect posture. Adjustable lifting headrest with hanger helps you relax your neck and take care of your clothes. Therefore, you can spend go about your day without any worries.

-Heavy Duty Base Structure: The office chairs come with a heavy-duty chrome-finished dual caster & nylon wheelbase, 60 swivel movement and are made of Anti-Scratch properties for easy movement on any surface.

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Ergonomic reclining office chair excels in its tilt mechanism, which allows you to effortlessly change your posture while sitting, rocking an Ergonomic chair, or reclining. Enjoy a super lounge recline at 135° seat tilt with a dual lever mechanism that allows you to control the seat height with one lever and adjust the backrest angle with the second lever.

Moreover, it strengthens your core and keeps your pelvis in a neutral position to prevent future postural issues. Adjust to any height or angle, in any situation, to get your perfect position at any moment! With advanced multi-level adjustments, Ergonomic chairs help you choose the ideal sitting position while working.

Whether you’re writing, reading, surfing, or relaxing, 3D adjustable armrest helps to provide maximum arm support. The SpinePro Cushioned Lumbar Support of Ergonomic chairs is engineered to support the natural curvature of your spine and relieve back pain by fully supporting your lumbar area.

Its contoured cushion helps to improve circulation and reduce stress on the lower back. sitting on Ergonomic chairs It feels so comfy that you’ll forget you’re even working or sitting for long hours.

Ergonomic reclining office chair  is designed to provideno pressure support to your tushy and cradles your tailbone thus helping you improve your natural sitting posture. Whether you’re sitting upright in focus mode or reclining to take a nap, the  seat distributes your weight evenly, promoting healthy spinal alignment for all-day comfort.

Our dual lever mechanism lets you control seat height and backrest angle with ease. Find your perfect position in any situation with adjustable height and angles. Get ready to sit in comfort like never before. The contoured cushion of the office chair enhances circulation and reduces stress on your lower back.

The height adjustable backrest, a mechanism lockable in any position, multi-adjustable armrests and mesh headrest are just some of the features found on this state-of-the-art orthopedic chair.


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