Ergonomic office seat


Pure fabric base with mesh back

Depth adjustment to match desk height

Five star base to support any sitting weight

Swivel (360°) allowing for round movement

Back support thus suitable for long working/ study hours

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Seat width and depth adjustment

Adjusting the depth of your chair will determine how much support your thighs receive. To check the depth of your seat, sit as far back as possible in your chair.

Five-star base

If you are in an office of 5 or more screen users, DSE regulations state that office chairs must have a five-star base. Usually made in high-grade plastic or polished aluminum, these prevent the chair from tipping and keep your feet safely on the ground when you adjust your posture.

Back support

The back support of an ergonomic chair is height adjustable so that it can offer maximum support to the lumbar region of the spine. The shape and fabric can vary based on the ergonomic principle that it is trying to achieve but all offer a good level of support to match the contours of the spine.


HSE specifications note that the seat, armrests and backrests should be well padded to ensure that the worker’s body does not press uncomfortably on the frame of the chair. Padding needs to be firm rather than soft and of good quality to ensure that the chair remains comfortable for a reasonable time.


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