70 Kgs Fireproof safe

KSh 56,999.00

Product Description

With the increasing value of security and privacy in the current world, Furniture Choice Kenya LTD offers a big time solution. With our fire proof safe; resistant to fire, breakage and all other kind of damage and security breach you get to store your documents, personals or even money in a safe place. They are available in a variety of sizes, color and measure different weight.


Wipe it clean using a wet piece of clothe or dust it using any suitable material. Also be cautious while handling the combination lock giving value to each detail to avoid any further complications. 

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Characteristics and  features

-Has both a key lock and a combination lock.

-Its fire proof.

-Resistant to damage and any kind of security breaches.

-Available in a variety of colors and designs.

-Weighs up to maximum of 70 Kgs.


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