6-way modular office workstation

KSh 165,000.00

-Product dimensions:360cm(L) X 120cm(W) X 750cm(H)

Widen Desktop: large platform, not only providing ample space for computer, monitor, printer, writing, study and other home office activities,

-Material: The table top board is 2.5cm thick granulated wood + transparent sunlight board, with high gloss surface, easy to clean.

Screen baffle: strong impact resistance, not easy to deform, protect privacy, good sound insulation

Threading hole design: effective arrangement of wires, so that you let the alignment in order. Make the desktop more neat

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Our 6-way modular office workstation, the perfect solution for anyone who needs a reliable and versatile work surface. The tabletop is large enough to accommodate a laptop or desktop computer, as well as other work materials such as papers, books, and office supplies.

There are 6-way modular office workstation to choose from, the table has a variety of different combinations, multi-person office, neat and orderly, to provide you with a more comfortable office environment. This high weight capacity makes the industrial writing desk your trustworthy office companion.

There are two covered, round grommets for wire management of multiple electronic devices or desk lamps, and the privacy panel is set in from the back to allow more access to outlets.

The 6-way modular office workstation provides a spacious workspace, allowing you to not only place computer equipment but also offering ample storage space for printers and other office tools, providing convenience for your work or study.

This design is aimed at meeting your needs for a spacious and versatile workspace while emphasizing both aesthetics and practicality.

This design takes full advantage of corner space, aiming to maximize the utilization of your office or study space. Regardless of the installation method you choose, it effectively optimizes the work environment, creating a comfortable and efficient workspace.

The large modular office workstation features a sturdy and durable design with a weight capacity of up to 600kgs. Its structure and high quality engineering wood ensure the stability and reliability of the long home office desks, effortlessly supporting the weight of various office equipment and work tools.


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