50kgs safebox

KSh 39,000.00

-Fireproof and Waterproof Safe: Use our fireproof safe to protect your most valuable property and electronic products. The safe box has a fire rating of 1 hour.

High security lock: including password lock, key lock and fixing bolt

-High quality material: The safe box is made of reinforced solid steel wall construction. Security steel door locking bolts.

-Protect your assets: Store valuables, Jewelry, hand guns, important documents and other irreplaceable items in this compact but strong digitally secured safe

-Digital lock with emergency key: This safe box provides two ways to access your valuables. The digital code will allow you to access the safe box faster; if you forget the personal code, the emergency key can open the safe box

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High security lock which includes password lock, key lock and fixing bolt. The interior material is upgraded again. The interior of the box adopts high-grade flannel/the interior space is equipped with detachable shelves, which makes the space use more flexible. The cabinet alarm system will be activated after the safe has failed three password attempts or vibrated severely. The Cabinet Safes can stop the alarm by entering the correct password, or you can use the master key and emer. Use the provided anchor bolts to securely lock the safe in the position you want. The foam padding inside the safe protects your valuables from damage. If the safe battery runs out, two emergency keys provide backup options. If you fail to install the Cabinet Safes


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