2.2m classic executive desk

KSh 88,000.00

Stylish: Unique design makes this an immediate centrepiece in any room.

Durable: Constructed from sturdy materials that stand the test of time.

Elegance: Contemporary design gives product elegance and class

-Product dimensions: Measures 2.2m(L) X 1.0m(W) X 0.75m(H)

-Applicable occasions: living room, bedroom, study, hotel, office, school.

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This 2.2m classic executive desk combination is exquisite and practical, and is very suitable for any home or office environment. Its stylish design will make the table the focal point of any room. Today, home offices are usually as busy as company offices, and must be equally efficient and organized.

It can not only provide furniture, but also provide a clean and charming style, which is perfectly integrated with home decoration.

Material: solid wood

Style: modern and simple

Specifications: 1.8m single main table + movable cabinet + auxiliary cabinet

Applicable occasions: living room, bedroom, study, hotel, office, school.

Increase your productivity with a convenient laptop desk, which offers ample space for your books, notes, and laptop – plus 2 convenient drawers for hiding away extra papers that accumulate on your desk.

Space saving yet spaciuos desk: This compact computer desk with movable drawers will occupy minimum space in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, making the best executive desk, gaming desk, or work table for your home office.

This generously-sized desk offers you all space you need for your PC, keyboard, mouse, and 2 drawers for your books or magazines, without taking up too much space in your home study, living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

This 2.2m classic executive desk features a Power Center with a dual outlet and a dual port that offer easy wiring access and keep the cables of your devices out of the way.

Want To Study, Work Or Play Games In Comfort? We’ve Got You Covered! Tired of writing on the dining table, kitchen counter, or mattress? Looking for a functional bedroom table or gaming computer desk?

It’s also designed to function as a traditional office desk with two easy slide-out drawers up top and a deeper bottom drawer for added space and heavier items. With its unique contemporary styling and modern tech-savvy conveniences, it’s the perfect desk for either or both computer and non-computer work needs.

Surprisingly affordable with exceptional value, this desk is offered by Furniture choice kenya , part of the Comfort Products family. Furniture choice kenya makes home and office environments more stylish, comfortable, functional and rewarding. With its comprehensive line of home and office furniture


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