1400mm office desk

Original price was: KSh 18,999.00.Current price is: KSh 13,500.00.

-Versatile storage space: The open shelf design of the straight executive desk gives you enough space to store items like books, printers, monitors, decorations, and more.

-Quality: The product is of high quality, and its sturdy design can support the weight of your computer monitor, desktop computer, laptop, printer, documents, files, and other stuff.

-Multipurpose: This efficient desk is the ideal working companion for any setting, offering you a wide range of desktop options and several purposes.

High class finish: The shade that covers the wooden material gives the tabletop a clean, smooth appearance that helps your interiors look more elegant.

Material: High-quality tabletop makes it waterproof, scratch-proof, and easy to clean. The material of this table is Wooden ensuring its durability and sturdiness.

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The elegant straight form makes it easy to install in a corner or against a wall, saving space in your office, home, and workplace. as well as an ultra-modern executive 1400mm office desk with two contrasting colors and a sleek design.

This is constructed with material and quality excellence. It is simple to clean with a moist towel. The surface is scratch-resistant. It is also carefully built for waterproof sense.

A full solution for your requirements.It has 3-drawers on one side, the greatest and most spacious storage solution. Your utilities might benefit from being organised in a simple way.

The straight  executive 1400mm office desk aesthetic is enhanced by the large cabinet, which gives you a feeling of great luxury. Our home desk have a wide work surface that helps you maintain a neat and tidy environment, thus increasing productivity and leaving enough space for lamps, computers and other personal items.

The wide desktop can hold many office supplies, such as monitors, table lamp, books, files, etc.  This desk with drawer will give you all the space you need to work or study. Our computer desk with drawers also offers plus ample storage for office supplies, files, and papers.

A conducive environment will help put you in the mindset to focus. This 1400mm office desk with drawers boasts a gorgeous wood grain finish that adds flair and modernity to any space.

And it provides ample leg room for comfortable working.you can do your work more freely because it has much more space for you to stretch your body

Made of High-quality MDF board with glossy veneer, this corner desk is stable and durable enough to hold all your heavy stuffs.

And the exquisite and clear wood texture adds its natural and modern flavor and makes the surface more wear-resistant.Smooth surface with water-proof material, easy to clean


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