1.4 Meters Executive Table

KSh 35,000.00


  • ★ High-grade walnut veneer, five paint processes, two primers, three topcoats, clear and natural texture, natural atmosphere.
  • ★ The table is polished finely, the surface is smooth and smooth, and it is easy to manage; the rounded corners are polished, smooth and safe, which can prevent magnetic collision..
  • ★ Large-capacity solid wood drawer storage, strong and durable; high-quality metal guide rail, smooth sliding quality..
  • ★ Table foot abutment design, stable and stable, as stable as Mount Tai.
  • ★ Fine workmanship, more fashionable and more upscale; multiple guarantees, high-quality design, make you comfortable.
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Buy Office Table and Desks Online At Best Price in Kenya

The office table is a modular furniture system that offers the perfect solution for office spaces. These desks and chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind and offer setup flexibility. All the components work together seamlessly while allowing you to create your own unique working space by mixing and matching various elements. But keeping everything apart, there are a few factors that must be considered before purchasing any office table and chair. We engage in cost-effective and timely delivery of desks, reception tables, chairs, storage solutions, and more to help you set up an office for your business.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Office Table and Chair


One of the main factors to consider while buying an office table for a home is that it should be sturdy. They should also be ergonomic and adjustable to fit a variety of sizes. The comfort level of your employees is an important factor to consider when you are purchasing an office desk. You want to be sure that they will be comfortable working from home all day long on a daily basis. Also, a little extra attention needed to spend on the right chair can go a long way toward increasing your bottom line.


If your office furniture, laptop table, or office table design seems dated, your company will also feel dated to visitors. Thus, your furniture needs to reflect your brand image and highlight your unique company. For example, a technology-based company may opt for a modern solid wood office table with drawers or industrial furniture style. At the same time, an outdoor lifestyle business would find greater appeal with a rustic aesthetic or modular office furniture for their office. When choosing a table, also consider functionality: it must be easy to clean and should have storage space.


Measure your office space beforehand to check if any furniture you want to buy will fit in. The office tables designed should be easily accessible to employees and help them move around the office without bumping into each other. The table should be large enough to accommodate your entire team.


The working table arrives in a variety of materials. However, the important construction is utilised alone or in a mix: wood, metal, and plastic. The wood furniture showcases its elegance, whereas the table made of metal ensures its durability and longevity.

Different Types of Office Table and Desk

This writing table is made of solid wood. It has a smooth, glossy finish and simple curves. The top is covered with a layer of white lacquer, which prevents it from wearing out easily.

Standing desk

The standing desk is an adjustable height workstation that allows you to quickly and effortlessly adjust the height of your desk in seconds. It features a strong steel frame with four programmable height settings to accommodate almost any working style, large or small.

Computer desk

Computer desks are perfect for businesses and home offices alike. This classic computer desk is a great addition to any home office or working space! With two shelves for storage and a spacious work surface, it gives you plenty of room for your computer, books, and other supplies.

Foldable table/ desk

This desk is great for people who have limited space in their home, office, or anywhere that they need a temporary workstation. This desk folds down to half its size and takes up less room than most desks.

L-Shaped desk

Two sides of this desk are perpendicular to each other and ideal for meetings. L-shaped desks are ideal for home or office use, and they can fit into most spaces. There are various options available in different styles to suit your requirement.

Advantages of Office Desk Online

When browsing for an office table, or similar furniture items for your working space, you can go through a catalogue of a range of office tables. This will help you choose a table design that best suits your office requirement and fits your budget comfortably. You can read various customer reviews and make an informed decision about which piece of furniture to buy. Also, when you shop for an office table online, it is easier to compare the prices of different stores and choose the best deal.


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