SKLUM Chair Partl


Colour Black
Brand FCK
Product dimensions 59D x 59W x 126H centimetres
Material Plastic/ Fabric/ Mesh
Pattern Einfarbig
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  • Mesh Back
  • Back Lumbar Support
  • High density foam
  • Plastic or Metal Base (as per requirement)
  • Ergonomically designed arm rests


Adjust as you need – You can adjust the chair height as per your requirement. This means, the product is suitable for computer desks, counters, reception desks, shops, showrooms and even home offices.

Take a 360 degree swivel – While sitting in the chair, you can easily take a 360 degree swivel to do different tasks without leaving your place

Relax or tighten up – The tilt tension locking mechanism of the chair allows you to lock the back when you like to sit in an upright position. Otherwise, you can unlock the back and relax your spine to a certain degree

Easy movement – You can drag the chair smoothly to any desired place because the smooth castors skate without much friction

Consider the following Care Instructions

Do not step on it – The chair is for sitting purposes only, not for stepping on it. If you stand on the seat, the wheels may roll and you may fall…. God forbid!

Don’t take swings – The 360 degree swivel action of the chair is smooth, but this does not make it a swing. So, please avoid swiveling the chair fast when you are sitting in it to avoid any risks of falling down.

No drag racing – Avoid drag racing while sitting in the chair. If you want to move the chair, please do some effort to stand up and drag to the desired place. This is will ensure the long term durability of chair, especially its wheels

Keep it clean – Your cleanliness says a lot about you. So keep your chair clean as well by simply wiping the chair with a wet cloth from time to time. This will help you maintain the newness of chair.

Why buy from us?

Free service – If any part of the chair is broken because of rough usage within 6 months, our service will be free for changing the broken part. However, you will have to pay for the part to be replaced. And guess what, the amount will be nominal

Good Client Service – Our corporate as well as domestic clients are our traction, which means our clients are our credibility

No over-charging – We believe in price competitiveness, which is the reason why our rates are reasonable.


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