Quantum Six Way Workstation


The New Six (6) Way Workstation is priced as a complete unit however can also be supplied in single, double, four way and eight way versions.

The Package includes frame, table tops, and screens. The Chairs, monitor arms, side screens and caddy units are add -on optional items.

Screen height is 1200mm High (Or 500mm High Above Desk) as standard however can be customized. Workstations Priced with White frames, Black and Silver at an additional cost.

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When we speak of Workstations, we mean an area with equipment for the performance of a specialized task either by a single individual or by a group of collaborators, also known as co-workers.
Furniture Choice Kenya Workstations define environment design and also allow for the optimization of spaces so that coworkers can execute their tasks in the most comfortable way.
We offer 2-Way Workstations as well as 4-Way Workstations. Our well-crafted Workstations have all the necessary features to support collaborative work and the growing need for focus time. Our Workstations bring a lot of benefits to the office, some of which we have discussed below:
There are many who think that workspaces are cubes. But, that’s not the thing. Our state-of-the-art Workstations are highly flexible, and thus can be easily customized.
With a Workstation, it becomes your complete personal space, allowing you to print your own style in the way you work, and the way to decorate.
Our Workstations are so designed that they can give immediate access to technological tools and materials, thereby increasing productivity.
We offer a plethora of options to cater to every taste there is. Scroll through to catch a glimpse of the wide variety of options and choose one that suits you best.


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