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Bar stools


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Product Description

For any modern recreation space or eve in bars you should make the right choice fitments for furnishing that particular space. Our Bar stools are now available in a variety of colors and designs. With a quality smoothed metallic finish and a customized leg-stepping base it meets the standards. They are also swivel allowing you to move freely within your space. The pure metallic finish (resistant to rust) eliminates all use limitations, place it anywhere and you are good to go.


Wipe it clean using a we piece of cloth or cotton, also you can choose to wash it clean.


Characteristics and features

-Swivel capabilities allowing you to move freely around your space.

-Available in many colors and designs giving you a variety of choice.

-Customized leg-stepping base to prevent you from hanging your legs while sitting on it.

-Made of pure rust resistant metal, that is durable and long lasting.


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