60kgs safe box

KSh 48,000.00

-Strong and safe

-Has a large storage space.

-Environmentally friendly and odorless

-Easy installation, it can be mounted to the floor, wall or cabinet

-Ideal for storing money, cash, jewelry, important documents and other valuables

-Programmable electronic keypad ensures secure, easy operation.

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All-steel structure, selected steel, heavy industry to create a steel wall structure without prying points, secure and secure, the surface of the box is sprayed with zinc-based carbonized anti-corrosion powder, durable and wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and rust, and the wrinkled metal surface feels comfortable. : There are mounting holes on the secure back, and expansion screws are delivered. You can land freely or use a drill to drill. Intelligent dual-effect combination, early warning and alarm function. If you encounter violent prying, if you enter the wrong password 3 times in a row, the cabinet will issue a high-decibel alarm sound to remind you that the smart LED panel contains imported computer chips, which is simple, safe and secure. Securely store your cash, jewelry, documents, passports, heirlooms, and more, Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your valuable assets and belongings are locked up safely, suitable for use in a variety of places: home, company , supermarket, shopping mall.


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