4-Way working station


4-Way working station


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Furniture Choice Kenya LTD. Working stations

-Quality wood finish to come with unlimited segments of work spaces. The four way work station is made up of pure MDF wood and aluminum metallic plates. Each segment comes along with a three drawer pedestal that comes along with one pair of key for each drawer. The three drawer pedestal is suitable for file sorting and document storage. It is also fitted with transparent glass dividers made of quality tampered glass, quality, durable and resistant to breakage. With 120 centimeters length and 60 centimeters width it gives on e enough space to work on and even to set up any office devices needed for him or her to be up and running.

Product Description

Furniture choice Kenya four way working station is a work space divided into four segments. Each segment measures an exact length of 1.2m (120 centimeters) whereby the top base is made out of pure MDF wood. Its customized to accommodate any electronic or device and spacious writing space. It is also fitted with transparent dividers made of strong tampered glass resistant to breakage and framed with aluminum metallic plates of a professional finish to reduce any anticipated damage to the user.

The work station also fitted with 3 drawer pedestal; which consists of lockable drawers each with a pair of keys (i.e.. one spare key). It is also made up of pure MDF wood with aluminum metal handles for the opening and closing of drawers. The width of each segment of the 4 way working station is 0.6 meters (60 centimeters ) fit for any needed devices or work space.

furniture choice kenya working stations

Mode of use/ Installation

-For any organization, team work is the best and most admired virtue. With this four way working station you get to achieve unlimited cooperation between the personnel in an organization. This work space blends with a variety of seats. With a floor to top base height of about 0.8 meters (80 centimeters) you get enough space to use any seat and swing around freely.

– This workspace is also available in a variety of colors and designs and sizes and the choice depends on the office space and layout giving details to the purpose of use and the number of people needed to use the work space.

-We also offer a flexibility of customizing similar designs to meet our client’s need, resulting into 10-way working stations, 12-way working stations or any other designs that serves your purpose we can customize it all here at Furniture Choice Kenya LTD.

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