2.8m boardroom office table

Original price was: KSh 298,000.00.Current price is: KSh 180,000.00.

-Different colour combination available

– Modern conference tables with Data, HDMI, and USB hookups, your momentum starts here.

-It has three important and mostly used tables shapes like rectangle, u shape, square, oval and round shapes.

-Accommodates 15-18 people

-We also give an option of a modular conference table, which is easy to install and replace for customers who change their office set up at regular intervals.

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Our meeting and conference tables promote effective combination and teaming in conference rooms, training spaces, and gathering areas.  The conference tables and meeting tables includes modular and folding tables for maximum flexibility for a ultimate luxury feel. We supply a wide range of meeting tables in different models like an oval, square, round meeting tables, and a rectangular conference table in wooden and metal collections.  We offer both high end and cheap office furniture, and they range approximately in style, including traditional, fashionable, and ultra-modern. Most of our conference tables also prolong, so you can even enlarge your table if there is a larger team meeting, or shrink the table if it’s a small meeting.  his allows you to work on it with heavier objects such as prototype models. An additional tip is to go with a customizable design. The customizable design will help you to adjust the height or change the appearance.


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