Two door metallic cabinet- Furniture Choice Kenya.

The original half glass cabinet with drawers is here to solve your office needs for the all time. It is half glass with 2 glass doors at the upper side and 2 metallic doors at the lower side both lockable and two drawers in the middle lockable too. The cabin is designed Elegantly with a nice look to make your office an adventure to remember by your clients

User friendly
Stainless steel
Lockable storages
Elegant design and color
User friendly
Guaranteed quality

Gaming chairs in Kenya- Furniture Choice Kenya

With the increasing amount of desk and computer work in everything from the office to school-related work, you need the right posture and proper support for your back. With anywhere between 8 and 12 hours spent at a desk on a daily basis, having a comfortable desk chair is one of the most important aspects of home and office furniture. Shop from a great selection of comfortable desk chairs shop for high-quality low and mid back desk chairs for those who want highly effective desk chairs that provide great support to your back and overall posture without having to spend an exorbitant amount.
These chairs are perfect for studying, completing projects on your computer, conference meetings, and other purposes. Great selection of full back desk chairs for ultimate comfort and support if you are seeking a chair that will provide perfect comfort to your spine with the sturdy build quality, a full back desk chair is the perfect option for you. Whether you are sitting behind the desk in your office or conducting important business meetings, these executive office chairs provide ideal lumbar support and proper cushioning while sporting a rich and luxurious design. Featuring adjustable height, back angle, and wheels for ease of use.

4-Drawers fireproof cabinet- Furniture Choice Kenya, affordable office furniture in Kenya.

The Fireproof filing Cabinet with 4 Drawer has a key lock combination locking mechanism, it is scratch resistant finish and easy to slide drawers. With high resistance to both any kind of damage and theft you get to store valuable documents and confidential items. The designs may differ a little but the quality and specifications […]

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